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This is something that was never planned for. Yet, in hindsight, this was
always meant to be. Growing up in the Calcutta suburbs Rimi, a Sweden-based software professional and the heart and soul behind OLB, was reduced to tears every time a hungry child came up to beg. She gladly gave away her pocket money and wished she had more to give. After she got her first job, she started getting involved with charities working with the disadvantaged. Since then, wherever she has lived, she has volunteered time and money to grassroots organisations working in healthcare, education, women’s issues etc. Yet, that childhood regret – a wish to do more, give more – kept bothering her. She realised there were plenty more like her who could do just a little bit more that would make a huge difference to those less privileged. Her idea for setting up a fundraising charity that would collaborate with grassroots organisations in India (at the moment that’s our area of operation as that is the place we know best) met with immediate support from her husband Debjyoti (that’s me) and her college mate Debapriyo. The three of us set up One Less Beer – an idea that can change the attitude towards giving.
You do not need to do much...just a little bit! As little as give up a glass of
beer. And yet, it is can change someone's fortune! Come join us and together we will spread some cheer. Cheers!

We are a 100% voluntary charity organisation, registered in Sweden.
(Organisation number: 802527-5531)

Vision, Mission & Values

A world full of happy and healthy people

To reduce hunger and poverty by encouraging the fortunate ones to do their bit in making others happy. To make people understand  how even a very small contribution can make huge positive impact for the needy.


  • Doing everything Legally & Ethicaly

  • Upholding transparency and integrity

  • Being polite and respectful

  • Upholding Equality & neutrality 

  • No religious or political alignment



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